Chihawk Aashtoria Mechta Angel Eyes

 born January 18, 2018    Pedigree

breeders: Tami Marshall (Chihawk), Robin Riel (Aashtoria) and Marilyn McGraw (Mechta)

sire:  GCH Chihawk Incredible Dreamboat "Maks"

dam:  CH Aashtoria Mechta Smoke Gets In Your Eyes "Carmen "


From 3 months of age, until 10 months of age, Mia lived with Joan Elking of Oakwood Ohio. Unexpectly, Joan suffered a fatal heart attack. Mia then lived for a short time, with Joan's son and his family in an apartment. Mia returned to her breeder's home. Lucky for Mia, the lady who had a Chihawk dog, "Waka" until Waka passed away, wanted another borzoi. So Mia moved to Yellow Springs, Ohio, and now has her own bed in the house, with a dog door to a fenced yard, and friendly cats. Mia lives close to the Artley, and often has "play dates" with the Tahoe borzoi. Mia is picured above at the Artleys, in August 2019, resting. Mia know the sound of her owner's car, and will quickly get up and go to the door, to be let out, and then Mia runs to the gate, to go home.

7 months old Mia meets "an older man", the Artley's Ace.

7 months old Mia meets "a dog of a different color" the Artley's Kyle.

2 months old

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