Echovesna Chihawk Inscripted In My Heart

 born April 11, 2010      Pedigree

breeders: Tami Marshall & Peggy Marshall (Chihawk) & Henri Goldner (Echovesna)

sire:  Echovesna's Koral Good Vibrations   

dam:  CH Echovesna's Chihawk First Lu      

owner Henri Goldner



Ikia has a Best of Breed win over specials and a total of 4 points.

Best of Breed for 1 point, and owner-handled Group 2 at Ft St Clair, 4-27-2013

7 months

5 months

3 months

9 weeks

Littermates ChanelToriIan,  Cullen,  Chance,  WakaIvana



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